Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wow! Has it been a long time since I posted! As of this Tuesday the bathroom became completely "functional" - it is not complete, but we can use every component! There's some touch up painting to be done, a towel bar to be hung, and some trim to be painted with a second coat... then it should be complete (hopefully before Little Man joins us!) And, it doesn't seem to be leaking!! There's not a drop of water on the floor after taking a shower!

The shower is fantastic! I don't know why, but tile showers always feel so much more relaxing than fiberglass. It's still a small shower stall, but I prefer it to the bath in the hall bathroom. Plus, we have new towels.

This project started out as a joint project, but most of the work ended up being done by James, since pregnant bellies (and backs) and setting tile don't really go together well. I'm awfully proud of the work James did. He spent a lot of time to do things the right way - sometimes doing them more than once! Good job, sweetheart!

I asked him if he would ever consider renovating a bathroom again and he said, "Yes, but not under these time constraints." Now, I do find this a little amusing since it's been 23 months since this project was started, but I think he meant the deadline of a baby arriving. James's sister commented that we only work well under deadlines!

And, now, for the pics!

Entering the bathroom, note picture, toilet paper holder, and rug!

Overall pic of shower stall (as best as possible), note the glass door!!

The border which James dreaded grouting because each tile is a different height.



Anne said...

James did finish up all the final touches before Ethan was born (a few weeks ago.) We even purchased the requisite knick knacks for the shelf/towel bar. And, now, I guess since the project is done, so is this blog!

Susan Ficklin said...

Yea for Ethan! We have a CD of Kelley's favorite lullabyes for you (or for Ethan - your pick). When Kelley gets back, we look forward to seeing "little man"!

And yea for James, too, for finishing the tilework. That is a highly-skilled job - you could have a second career (although 1 bathroom every 2 years probably wouldn't pay the bills)